Balex Automatic Boat Loader

is believing

See the Balex system in action! These videos demonstrate how boating life becomes much easier when launching and retrieving with our Automatic Boat Loader.

Making Boating a Breeze

Why is launching and retrieving your boat so stressful? No more stress. The automatic boat loader takes all the stress out of loading your boat at the boat ramp… so you can focus on your fishing!

2019 Hutchwilco Boat Show Prize Boat

Daniel Given, Balex CEO introduces the Balex Automatic Boat Loader, on the 2019 Hutchwilco Boat Show Prize Boat 

Save Hours Retrieving Your Boat This Summer

Get ready for summer! See the advantages of the Balex Automatic Boat Loader – because boating should be a breeze!

Beach Launch Grant Dixon

The beach launching expert Grant Dixon, Managing Editor from NZ Fishing News magazine is talking about his experience on the beach with the ABL. Thanks Grant – we are glad to hear that the Balex system is making even your life a lot easier!

Stabicraft 2500 Launch

Who wants to winch a 3 tonne boat, when you don’t have to? The ABL makes the launch and retrieve of heavy boats super easy!

Balex Automatic Boat Loader Explained

The ABL2500 makes launching and retrieving so easy! Find out yourself how stressfree boating can be!

Balex Auto Boat-loader is trying their ABL2500 – stressfree retrieving of their Extreme 610

Balex ABL2500 - 2017

Stress-free launch and retrieval with the Balex Automatic Boat Loader. Enjoy boating from start to finish and enjoy  the day with your family even more!

Hutchwilco Boat Show Prize

The ABL2500 is on the Gate Prize at the Hutchwilco Boat Show 2016. A great video which shows the features of this great device really well.

Stressfree boating

A great video to understand everything about the Balex ABL and Balex Marine

Single handed boat launching

Watch Fishy Business host Adam Clancey launching his boat now single handed with the Balex Automatic Boat Loader

Balex Demo Boat Review

The Balex Demo Boat – great review from Boating New Zealand magazine (March issue 2018)

How to launch with an ABL

See how easy and stress free you can launch you boat and start your fun day on the water without hassle

How to retrieve with an ABL

Watch this video to see how easy it is to retrieve your boat after a great day out on the water. It will just take you minutes to get your boat on the trailer!

Launch and retrieve

For the ones with not so much time – launch & retrieve – compact in one video

Measuring your boat

This video helps you to measure your boat and trailer to make it easy to fit a Balex Automatic Boat Loader. 

Marsden Cove, Whangarei Harbour

There are three eight-degree concrete lanes available – a double and single ramp, divided by a floating marina-style finger. The ramp is within the Marsden Cove Marina facility, so sheltered in all conditions, usable in all tides, and suits all sizes of trailer-boats.

Waitangi, Bay of Islands

For heading out and exploring the beautiful Bay of Islands, the Waitangi ramp is one of the best options. It is located off the SH11, across the bridge heading out of Paihia. It is an all tide ramp with enough room to launch 2 boats at a time. This ramp allows a shorter run out of the harbour to the Bay than the Opua ramp.


The Stillwater ramp is tucked away at the edge of Weiti River leading into Karepiro Bay. The ramp is located half an hour from Albany and 20min from Silverdale. There is a ramp fee of $5 for non members, which can be paid at the club or in the honesty box next to the ramp. The ramp gets strong currents, especially at incoming tide, so make sure you are prepared for it. It is a one lane concrete ramp, with no jetty.

Sulphur Point, Tauranga Harbour

Sulphur Point is a busy boat ramp, especially over the summer months. There is a four- lane boat ramp of six degrees pitch next to the dry stack, as well as a six-lane ramp of seven degrees pitch 200m further north. They are all-tide concrete ramps suitable for all sized trailer boats and are free to use.