Balex Automatic Boat Loader


“Once you use it, you will never go without it! The Balex ABL is innovation at its finest, it takes the final pain out of fishing.”

Milan Radonich  Big Angry Fish, TV Host

“From the minute I saw it I formed the opinion, and still do, the Balex will allow boaties to purchase a craft bigger than what they thought they could safely handle at the ramp.”

Geoff Bostock Fish City Customer, OCB Member, Auckland – McLay611 on Toko Trailer

“Every so often a concept comes along that is genuinely revolutionary – The Balex Automatic Boat Loader is one of those.”

Grant Dixon Editor NZ Fishing News

“We used the ABL system on our 2500 Ultracab XL during our Bluff to Boatshow roadtrip on many different ramps around the country. Made launching and retrieving a 3200kg boat with 2 people quick and painless!”

Daniel Upperton  Stabicraft Marine

“I’ve been heavily involved in trailer boats for 23 years and one of the bugbears for a lot of people is the loading and the unloading of the boat. The ABL eliminates the need to downsize. But it also means some boaties can now look at trading up to a larger size as the boat loading is now such an easy task.”

Ross Christensen  Managing Director/Owner, Fish City, Hamilton and brand developer for FC Boats

“We’re pleased to be among the first in New Zealand to handle this breakthrough product. The biggest advantage is boaties are going to be able to launch and retrieve with no effort at all. I can see it being especially useful for people who have a crook back or shoulder and may find it hard to use a winch. I’m very much on board – I think it’s going to be great.”

Greg Dutton Managing Director, DMW Trailers

“The level of engineering and design applied to this product, coupled with the very functional characteristics, is amazing for the price. It’s a great product at a fair price, a definite must have for the discerning boatie.”

Steve Williams  Director, Voyager Trailers

“We used the boat on the weekend and with the Balex ABL and I didn’t even have to get my undies wet! Well done!”

Sandra Flay Dargaville / winner of the Hutchwilco Prize Boat 2016 – Surtees 610 on a Surtees Trailer.