Balex Automatic Boat Loader

The smarter way to launch & retrieve your boat

The Balex System

The Balex

By removing the hassle involved with launching and retrieving trailer boats, the Balex Automatic Boat Loader makes a great day on the water even better. The powerful hydraulic drive system is easily operated by a single person using the compact remote-control unit. No more clambering down a slippery boat ramp to attach a cable, no more cranking on the manual winch. Imagine how much your partner will love it! Ideal for upgrading an existing trailer, the Balex System can also be integrated into production trailers during the manufacturing process, or floating docks.

Balex Automatic Boat Loader Explained

Diagram of the Balex system

Why choose Balex

Hand holding remote


The compact remote control unit fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Simply press the button to launch or retrieve safely and easily. The unit also has a long range and should it accidentally end up in the water, it floats!


No matter the length and weight of your boat we can match a model powerful enough to make launching and retrieving simple and safe.

Balex Sport

The Balex Sport has enough torque to pull up to 2.5 tonne with a patented technology that uses a powerful hydraulic system. The long range, waterproof, floating Balex Remote makes launching and retrieving your boat safer and quicker than ever before.

Balex Pro

With heavy duty 250cc HYDRA4 Adaptive Drive Units, the Balex Pro has 56% more drive force than the original Balex Sport system. The long range, waterproof, floating remote makes launching and retrieving safe and easy. This is the ideal solution for commercial vessels or larger vessels up to 3 tonne.

Balex Ultra

With two sets of 250cc HYDRA4 Adaptive Drive Units, a 2000W HYDRA 4 24V Power Unit and the long range, waterproof, floating remote there is no trailer boat that this system cannot launch and retrieve. The Balex Ultra has been designed to lift up to 3.5 tonne and load boats up to 9.5m long.

Balex trailer with drive unit


You don’t have to buy a brand-new trailer to enjoy the benefits of Balex. That’s because the Automatic Boat Loader can be retro-fitted to your existing trailer. With a range of three hydraulic power units, Balex has the solution to ensure every launch and retrieve is safe, controlled, and stress-free for any boat up to 3.5 tonne and 9.5m in length. To get a quote on retro-fitting your trailer with the Balex Automatic Boat Loader, simply fill-in attached form and we’ll provide you with a detailed quote.


Whether you have a new boat trailer, an existing one, or a floating dock, the installation is much the same. The Drive System fixes to the trailer or dock frame with placement depending on the geometry of your hull. The Power Unit fixes to the winch end of your trailer, or floating dock, in a protective enclosure. If you would like us to arrange a more detailed quote, please complete the contact form and our technical sales team will be in touch.

Integrate Balex into your manufacturing

Balex into your

If you manufacture boat trailers or docks, integrating the Balex System into your range can really add value. Get in touch and we can help upgrade your product offering and put even bigger smiles on the faces of your customers.

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